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The Preparation and Restoration Specialists

Many people are under the impression that painting is simply the application of paint.  However, the application of product is actually the final step in the painting process.  The most important step is the preparation of the painting surface.  We call ourselves the preparation and restoration specialists because we understand that a beautiful and long lasting paint job begins with a complete and thorough preparation process. At Beaver Creek Painting we employ state of the art dust extraction systems. While many other contractors will fill your house with dust and airborne particulate during the preparation phase of a project we utilize unique tools and procedures to ensure that 99.9% of dust and particulate is captured, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for you and your family.

Selection of the highest quality products  is  also critical in achieving superior results. That is why we use only the best products available from Benjamin Moore and Fine Paints of Europe. To ensure that our standards of excellence are attained, all projects are performed and supervised by the owner.

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At Beaver Creek Painting we use state of the art dust extraction and filtration equipment to keep your home dust free and ensure a contamination free finish. Our Hollandlac wall, ceiling and trimwork finishes are free of dust and other blemishes that are caused by airborne particulate.


Updated on January 12, 2014
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